Contact: support@sporteventsystems.se

How to order

Send an email to info@sporteventsystems.se with information about the competition. 


I have lost my password

If you have lost your password, you must contact the organization that is responsible for the system. It can be your federation or the local club that organizes the competition. We can't give out any passwords but we can point out who to contact to get it. 

I can't upload music

If you can't upload music into the system, check the following:
- A slow connection can make the system time out.
- To big file. The file shall not be over 20Mb. Usually, a 3-minute audio file in MP3 is about 3-6Mb.
- It is not a MP3-file. The system checks if the file is a MP3-coded file. It is checking the content of the file. You can convert audio files online. Search for "online audio converter mp3"

I can't select the competition I shall compete in

It can be several reasons
- It is not open for registrations (you are too early or too late).
- You are not registered for the competition.
- You have logged in with the wrong club (if you have access to more than one club)